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Happy Four Months to my fiance Wawa Iki, you make me happy! :) ♡

discovered such a beautiful song! Enjoy it with me!

The careful ones-For A Moment

(Source: youtube.com)

minimally black. by cstin3 featuring topshop


science can point you towards God
but, can never fully understand it.

science can examine what God does
but, science cannot provide an adequate explanation
for the definition of God

God by definition is that, that is beyond human comprehension
He does not work within our limitations
He does not line up with our reality
but He has the ability to line our reality up with His will


- Pastor Hurmon Hamilton

Christmas Spirit Filled!!!


Hey Friends! We posted a new cover of Young Blood by The Naked & Famous! Hope you enjoy! We like cheese! :)

Forever my faveorite!! & Badtz Maru.

"im a hopeless romantic, except im hopeful"

- b.e.a.

"contentment is the enemy of growth."

- Levi Lusko